AccuTrend Method

Most of us have heard the saying “trend is your friend”. Accutrend method is designed to catch a new uptrend at its beginning stages. It is a value investment system. By using the dual breakout method the AccuTrend Trading system is able to avoid many losing trades. The dual breakout comes handy during choppy markets, because it is during the choppy markets that a trader will get many of the falls entries that cost substantial losses.

After entering the first trade using the 5-steps described in the video lesson you will learn to use the a-b-c price pattern to add more shares or contracts. Using the fractional entry method will limit your risk and increase your profits.

The real cost of not having this advanced trading system is that you could miss out on some of the best trades, or you could get caught in choppy markets and lose a substantial amount of money.

“I have been enthusiastically recommending the AccuTrend System to serious traders. AccuTrend identifies the major market trends early and avoids most whipsaws. It’s an excellent long term system … and, thankfully, the courseware is clear and easy to understand.” -John Hill, Publisher, Futures Truth

AccuTrend is a superior concept that is born from years of experience and research. Within a few days, you can vastly improve your trading skills, and be on your way to making substantial profits.

“Michael, I wanted to let you know the futures trading success that I had since I purchased your Accu-Trend System educational tapes and workbook. Prior to learning your Accu-Trend system, I attended two classroom style future trading courses from very well known future trading educators, and I did a significant amount of original research on my own. At best, my trading record broke even, and over a three-year period, I lost money. At this point, I was pretty discouraged.

I saw an advertisement for your AccuTrend System, and the claims you made sounded like the help my trading could use, especially minimizing account drawdowns. (At one point, I had drawdowns totaling over 50% of my original equity.)

The Accu-Trend System helped me pull together my prior experience and trading education. I opened a new commodity account with a $15,000… with minimal drawdowns from my original $15,000 investment, I generated profits (not counting my original $15,000 investment) of over $147,000.” -S.H., Brookfield, Conn.


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The AccuTrend video course will teach you one of the best ways to catch big trends for stocks, commodities, and currencies.