Dylan Wave Theory

The more you use the Dylan Wave Theory (DWT) method the more you’ll come to appreciate its value as a market analysis and as a trading tool. It will give you a new in depth understanding of the price swings. 

There are patterns that repeat, but the market behavior also changes with time; therefore, a trading system or method needs to be adaptive to the changes in the market. Since the DWT is based on markets own natural price swings, it is an adaptive method. 

The DWT video course will teach you the best ways to analyze stock, currency, and commodity markets. It will help you find profitable trades for swing and position trading.  

This advanced trading theory has been proven to be very profitable with computer testing and over many years of trade signals. 

Michael Dylan’s three page article was published in the Stocks & Commodities magazine.

Trend Reversal 

Often the DWT will give an early trend reversal signal like the one we got on this currency chart. The orange callout is pointing to the confirmation signal that the Dylan Wave Theory trend reversal method generated. 

The DWT video course will teach you one of the best ways to analyze the markets and find profitable swing and position trades.