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Price swings are the building blocks of charts, indicators, and trading systems. Before you can truly understand technical analysis, it is important to understand price swings and their effects on indicators.

If you want to get a jump start on creating trading systems, understanding the technical analysis, overcoming some of the difficulties that trading will present, and solutions for the difficulties then these are the videos for you.

Regardless of the markets you invest or trade technical analysis works the same.

These videos were created in 1996. They have been converted from videotapes to digital format. During the conversion process, some quality has been lost but they are very clear and important lessons on price swings, pivot breakout trading, indicators, moving averages, Fibonacci Ratios, Gann Lines, triangle breakout systems, different types of corrections and their effects on trading systems. See the test results of each of the trading systems. 

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Money Management Manaul

The key element to trading, perhaps one of the most important, is money management. Especially when it comes to leveraged trading. Proper money management is crucial for avoiding total ruin of a trading account, and for success. 

AccuTrend Trading Method Video

Originally created in 1996 and one of the best trading systems for catching a new trend. It is a clever system that reduces false entries and whipsaw in sideways markets while catching the trends. It uses fractional entries to reduce risk.  

“Michael, I wanted to let you know the futures trading success that I had since I purchased your Accu-Trend System educational tapes and workbook. Prior to learning your Accu-Trend system, I attended two classroom style future trading courses from very well known future trading educators, and I did a significant amount of original research on my own. At best, my trading record broke even, and over a three-year period, I lost money. At this point, I was pretty discouraged. I saw an advertisement for your AccuTrend System, and the claims you made sounded like the help my trading could use, especially minimizing account drawdowns. (At one point, I had drawdowns totaling over 50% of my original equity.) The Accu-Trend System helped me pull together my prior experience and trading education. I opened a new commodity account with a $15,000… with minimal drawdowns from my original $15,000 investment, I generated profits (not counting my original $15,000 investment) of over $147,000.” -S.H., Brookfield, Conn.

The AccuTrend video course will teach you one of the best ways to catch big trends for stocks, commodities, and currencies.

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Smart Trader Trading Method Book

This 147 page book will reveal one of the best ways to earn money from the commodity market or related ETF’s. It took Michael Dylan decades to put together this incredible gem of a book.

This is a position trading strategy which requires one to hold a position between four to twelve months. With just one to three trades a year it is possible to earn 50% to 100% annual profit leveraging only 2 to 1.

The logic is simple (buy commodities below their cost of production and then wait for them to at the least come back to the cost of production), but there are important pitfalls, so make sure to use the ratios given in the book. And, to not miss the next big opportunity act now and start performing better than the hedge funds. 

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Dylan Wave Theory Video Course

Perhaps the most advanced price swing theory ever discovered.  It is at once a chart analysis tool and a trading system. Learning the Dylan Wave Theory will take you to another level of chart analysis and understanding of the markets. The image on the cover of the magazine for my article illustrates riding the bull and bear waves of the markets. The Dylan Wave Theory is one of the best methods for riding the bull and bear markets. Learn to organize the price swings, gain new clearity, and take advantage of key support prices. 

Now you can learn the Dylan Wave Theory in the comfort of your home with our video course.

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Private Seminar

The experience you have gained and what you’ll learn can earn you money for many years to come. When you focus on the elements that make you the best trader then success will follow. The main focus of the lesson is technical analysis using the Dylan Wave Theory and the Advanced Dylan Wave Theory, plus the skills needed to become the best trader you can be.

To start with you’ll have to decide if you want to be an investor or trader. The first step is to have clear goals and a style, less you fall prey to indecisiveness and regret cycle. In the private seminar, I will help you set your goals, help you decide on a trading style, trading strategy, money management, and teach you the best trading techniques.

If interested in a private seminar (cost is $100 per hour), please contact us. For group seminar rates contact us.